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Impact Investment Advisory

New investors

For new investors, I can start by taking stock of three things:


  1. Values: What is important to you and the organization you represent? Making sure your values are at the core of an investment strategy is crucial and too often overlooked.

  2. Priorities: Do you know what areas of impact you want to focus on? What about geographies? Where is your sweet spot between risk, reward, and impact?

  3. Resources: What time, talent, and treasure do you want to allocate? What relationships, profile, and other assets can be put to use?

Experienced investors

For investors who are already at it, here are some ways I can help:


  • Leading a workshop to see if you are on track with your mission

  • Stepping in as your investment manager for portfolio companies

  • Finding and vetting deal flow

  • Designing and implementing impact measurement frameworks

…just to name a few.


Whether you're curious about impact investing and don’t know where to start, or are a veteran impact investor in need of supportI can help.

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