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For Funds & Angels

Are you a victim of your own success? You’ve made a number of great (and maybe some not-so-great) investments and have a whole bunch more in the pipeline. And now you’re starting to see how much those ventures would benefit from an experienced founder's help.

Being an active board member for a dynamic, early-stage company can be time-consuming and drain the creative juices. It’s time to call in some backup.

I can provide support from deal flow and origination through to due diligence and investment management.


For Accelerators

Maybe venture accelerators are your bread and butter or you represent a corporate looking for new ways to partner with startups. Either way, running a venture accelerator is hard work and the devil is in the design.

Especially important, and often overlooked:

  • Ensuring that the impact you create outweighs the resource drain involved with hundreds of unsuccessful venture applications

  • Balancing core and customized programming since ventures will be at different levels of maturity

  • Keeping accelerator alumni engaged for multi-year programs


I've built accelerators for some of Europe's largest companies and can help you too.


For Entrepreneurs

Stuck in a rut? Kicking butt and facing the challenges that come with rapid growth? Either way, and for everything in between, let me help you level up.

I’ve worked directly with dozens of ventures, sometimes for a few days and sometimes for a few years. Challenges I’ve worked on include:

  • Investor readiness with positioning, internal systems, and then investor selection and pitching

  • Design and implementation of staffing plans, performance management, and HR processes


For Multilaterals & Governments

You've got the reach to find some of the best innovations in the most far flung places. You have the resources to help turn a good idea into a systemic change for the better. In fact, you've got it all covered, except possibly available, in-house founder experience.


Founders make and prioritize decisions in extremely dynamic conditions with limited time and capital. It's vitally important that new ventures have access to experienced founders as part of any successful venture support initiative.

Venture Building

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