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Is your organization headed in the right direction? Whether you answered yes or no, ask yourself what you based the answer on. Usually, it’s a gut feeling or a sense that you’re continuing to do what you did before very well. Rarely is the answer based on measurable outcomes, and even more rarely is it based on understanding the changing competitive or market realities. This is normalyou are busy serving clients and making payroll. You’re probably too close to your own organization to be able to see where it fits in the broader ecosystem.

Working with someone outside your organization is the best way to check in on how you’re doing. Whether it’s a one-day session to uncover blind spots or a full strategic reset, it’s important to specifically build in time to work “on the organization”, away from the day-to-day or working “in the organization”.

Strategy & Governance



Organizations that operate with high levels of accountability, integrity, and diversity tend to share one thing in common: they have a strong, independent board of directors or advisors. But somehow the task of building a highly functional board all too often gets relegated to the “rainy day projects” list and never done. This is a missed opportunity—while it takes a lot of work and solid thinking to get it right, even just the process is clarifying. Getting serious about governance sends all the right signals to investors or trustees, your staff, and your customers or benefactors. It’s also the number-one prerequisite of a transparent organization.

Get in touch and I’ll do a free, confidential assessment of the health of your organization’s governance.

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