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Episode 5: Michał Radziwiłł of Equity Fund for Social Investments (FKIS)

In this episode I spoke with spoke with Michał Radziwiłł, Chair, Equity Fund for Social Investments (FKIS), a subsidiary of TISE in Warsaw.

FKIS/TISE supports social enterprises in Poland and beyond with impact loans. With a total portfolio of 5,000+ active loans, the fund, originally launched by France’s Coop Coopératif, is one of the region’s most influential small business and impact investors. Find out more at

The EVPA Impact Funds Initiative podcast is a series of interviews with Europe’s leading investors for impact. In every episode we look at the personal journeys of fund managers, who were the first to blend the creation of impact with the practice of making return-oriented investments. While being full of practical knowledge about the challenges and opportunities of raising funds and managing capital, their stories also convey the excitement of setting sail for new horizons. The podcast was developed in a partnership with European Venture Philanthropy Association (EVPA).


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