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Hello! I’m Ryan Grant Little, and I’m here to help impact and climate professionals succeed. I’m from Toronto, live in Vienna, and work all over the world.

About me

I'm a serial founder and creator, so I know how to grow things from an idea on a napkin to a full-scale impact machine. I’ve done it lots of times.


As a teenager, I co-founded the non-profit donation platform, which has facilitated more than $2 Billion of charitable donations so far. In my 20s, I founded, built, and exited one of North America’s most influential renewable energy companies. Now, for more than a decade, I’ve worked with impact entrepreneurs, corporations, foundations, and investors to use money and great minds to solve the problems that really matter. On top of that, I put my money where my mouth is, as an angel investor with a portfolio of 20+ active impact investments.


Here's some of the stuff I do:


I bring the experience founders and executives need to build robust strategies, business models, and approaches to funding. From rebuilding SaaS companies to developing multi-million-dollar investment strategies, I’ve done it all.

Let me know what challenges you're facing and I'll tell you how I can help.

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I am a five-time founder. I started the working group that became SEND e.V., Germany’s national social enterprise organization. I’m the founder and facilitator of Vienna’s foodtech cluster, FoodHack Vienna. I have a podcast for and about impact fund managers. Check out the podcast!


Bottom line: I create the companies and  ecosystems that make impact possible.


From university podcasts, like at Oxford University, to conferences with thousands of attendees, like at the International Forum of the Americas, I give candid talks on topics ranging from impact investing and investment readiness to startup life and how to get funded.

Hire me to run your workshop or speak at your event.

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